Don Taylor
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Gait Lacrosse

Gait Lacrosse faced off against STX, Warrior, and Brine. Tough competition for a red-shirted freshman. But that didn’t deter the Gait brothers, nor did it stop a unique and inventive marketing campaign. The game plan was simple, but challenging: sign a major university to an exclusive equipment/endorsement contract. Americans like nothing better than an underdog with grit and determination after a disappointing season. After signing the University of Virginia, a national ad campaign (print, direct mail, packaging, and website) took the field where another line of defense arose: a shoestring budget. Photography moved in-house, smart media buys (digital and unexpected magazine spreads, guerilla posters to establish audience zealotry) and an energetic design created a home-field passion. The client eyed the competition quaking in their pads.

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